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Coronavirus Facehugger mask

The tailpiece is removable when not in use.

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Then it was time to hand paint each piece.

Sculpting the legs was a real challenge.  Not only did I have to get the shape right, I had to pay close attention to the angle of each joint so they would fit together correctly as well as attach to the lower legs and come out at the correct angle to fit my face. 

After I had that done, I began sculpting and attaching the spine and upper legs.

The final step was to apply a protective clear coat, instal the elastic band that makes it wearable, and then assemble.

I had to sculpt each piece of the tail individually, cure them in the oven, sand them, and then drill a hole through them one at a time for the monofilament line that holds it all together.  That still gives me nightmares.

*Please Note

Each piece is handcrafted so individual masks may vary slightly from order to order, but I will keep them modeled off of the original.  These masks take about 25 work hours each and completion time will depend on when you place your order and the number of orders I receive.   I designed these to wear over whatever protective and reusable face covering you might already choose to wear, like a scarf or bandana, as this mask will not protect you from harmful particulates on its own.   I also encourage you to gently clean out the inside of this mask after each use with a sanitizing wipe or something similar.

Your order will arrive with the legs and the tail disconnected to prevent damage during shipping.  The legs will come installed with set pins that insert into pre-drilled holes in the attached lower legs of the main body and will be individually numbered and marked so matching them and lining them up will be easy.  Your order will arrive with the necessary glue and easy to follow instructions.  The tail is designed to be easily removable so all you’ll have to do is hook it on when you’re ready to use.

The next step was to do the bladders.  I wanted them to look as realistic as possible, so I pressed the sculpted pieces into the palm of my hand, giving them a skin-like texture as well as the appearance of veins.

 $250 each

(Introductory price for the first 5 orders)  

Plus $20 shipping and handling

I began by shaping a mold out of aluminum foil that was roughly the size of a typical breathing mask.  I took quite a few attempts to get the right shape and to get it smooth enough to use, but eventually I got it the way I wanted it.  Then I rolled out a very thin sheet of modeling mass to lay over the mold and put it in the oven to cure.  This gave me the base for my sculpture.

​I was inspired to make this mask by a very talented artist in Europe who made one for her husband.   It would have been much easier to buy one from her, but unfortunately it looks like she is only selling the original and the last time I looked the bidding price on Ebay was already at 665.00 Euros.   So I decided I would try and make my own.