The idea behind this piece was to create a work of graphic art using only text.   I chose the lyrics from the song "Totem" by the Canadian rock band Rush.  Using different colors, sizes and orientations, I created two layers and then extracted the top layer in the shape of a Totem pole to complement the subject matter.    

Your business is unique. My graphic design services will help you show your customers and potential clients just how your business is different through your marketing materials. I will use my knowledge, creativity and graphic design experience to create beautiful layouts, designs and illustrations that demonstrate your company‚Äôs uniqueness and effectively communicate your message. My graphic designs are original and created specifically for your business in the style that matches your personality and your business branding.

Great design makes your marketing materials easier and more enjoyable to read. Great design can be used to explain complicated information. Great design can turn leads into customers. I can create nearly any kind of print design, including fliers, brochures, infographics, business cards, website media designs and more.

This project was for Audio Advice of Raleigh, NC who offer high-end home theater and whole-house audio and automation.  These designs were created as cover pieces for the portfolios they provide to their custom installation customers.   I designed one for the installation phase during construction and one as an operations manual for their equipment.   

Original source images 

Finished design in page layout 

For this project, I needed to create a graphic design piece to accompany an article about the use of an Anthrax vaccine in the military.  I used four different source images, with two in the background and two manipulated together to create a single image of Uncle Sam holding a medical vial. 

Jim Reynolds Art

This project was a cover piece for a magazine that specializes in the textiles industry.  I wanted the centerpiece to be the image of the equipment so I created an understated but bold header to accompany it.  

I can work with you to create eye catching designs for your CDs and jewel case inserts.   

Looking for the perfect logo?  I know exactly how to create designs that are as spectacular and unique as you and your business.   I always create my logos in black and white first to avoid designing something over-complicated or so dependent on texture that it will just look like a blob when shrunk down to business card size.